Wedding Lessons

First, congratulations on your upcoming wedding and thank you for inviting us to be part of this incredibly special day in your lives.

We have many, many couples who come to us as they prepare for their wedding dance. We also have parents of the couple, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons. Whatever your vision is for dancing on your wedding day, we can absolutely help you realize it.

Since every couple has different expectations, we offer a package that will help any couple get started. Some couples want a choreographed routine to a specific song, some want to keep things simple and others just want to be comfortable with the basics of several common social dances so they can enjoy their band/DJ at the reception.

Our Wedding Package gives you five private lessons and a Friday night dance party. On your private lessons, you will work with one of our instructors for 45 minutes. If you have a song, he or she will listen to it on your first lesson and develop choreography that is appropriate and realistic for you. If you have not chosen a song, your instructor can help you find one that will work for you and your dance. The Dance Party will give you the opportunity to dance your routine in front of people (so that the first time you dance it won’t be your wedding day) or practice dancing in a social setting (much like you will experience at the reception). The cost of the Wedding Package is $305.

We strongly recommend couples get started about three months before the wedding, especially if you want a choreography to a specific song. The earlier you get started, the more comfortable and fun it will be for you. As you think about scheduling, keep in mind that these five introductory lessons may or may not be enough to have you prepared, especially if you and your partner are new to dancing.

If you have specific questions, requests or ideas, please call us at (608) 833-3320 or send us an email.

We love our wedding couples! Many of them have continued to dance as an activity they pursue together and they regularly attend our dance parties and showcases to enjoy this new skill they have developed as a couple.

Hope to see you soon!

find your rhythm.