Our vision & Mission

Our Vision

Tempo Dance believes that learning how to dance with a partner should be an integral and expected part of the world’s lifestyle and culture.

Our Mission

Tempo Dance will become the preeminent center in the upper Midwest for enjoying, learning and cultivating exceptional ballroom and latin dancing.

Our Core Values:

Authenticity. At Tempo Dance, we live to dance and we love people... and that's what fuels everything we do. We believe that everyone can, and should, learn to dance. If you can’t feel the sincerity of our passion for dancing, ask us why we opened the studio and there will be no question as to the authenticity and depth of our commitment to what we do here.

Excellence. We aim to excel in every aspect of the studio. Tempo is a labor of love for us and we want the highest quality everywhere, all the time. We have carefully considered everything, from our class schedule to the paint colors. Everything from our standards of dancing and instruction to the relationships we forge with our students and our community, the studio atmosphere we create and the training and mentoring of our staff...we strive for nothing less than exceptional.

Evolution. Part of our personal and professional philosophy is that we don’t just accept change, we embrace it. Change demands awareness and growth, which leads to improvement. Dance is a process of learning, growing, improving, and we welcome changes that allow our studio and our teaching philosophy to evolve and provide a dance experience superior to any other. 

Welcoming. We spend most of our lives in the studio; it is our home away from home. We want everyone who comes to Tempo to feel instantly welcome and at home with us and with our studio. We know that learning to dance, while fun and rewarding, can also be intimidating and challenging. We want that intimidation to be lost the moment you walk through our doors and the challenge to be an exciting one.

Community. We live in and love the Madison area. Our students are our neighbors and friends. They are involved in myriad causes and activities that touch each of our lives. Whenever we can, we will be part of meaningful opportunities that allow our passion for dance to benefit our community and add to the unique fabric of the greater Madison area.

find your rhythm.